Like Ji Xinghe

Chapter 376 This child is like me
You fight like Ji Xinghe.
This sentence was the biggest compliment of the federal mecha for a long time because of the sudden outbreak of Li Han and Jackson, who suddenly changed their fighting methods.
Ji Xinghe people are also very pleased with this.
Driving the champion Hou has been running away. He doesn’t communicate with Wang Wei and others because he needs to drive the mecha when they are not there, as Wang Wei and others fear.
So he knew that Li Han and Jackson had changed, and when Jackson sent a message asking, the definite answer was that this was an epiphany.
So he knew that Tu Yuan and others were worried and made a reply.
"Fighting like me doesn’t mean that they will always leave their team. In a sense, they are better at finding opportunities than before, and their teammates can’t see these opportunities when they fight, so they can leave the team to seize them."
Ji Xinghe’s words made many people breathe a sigh of relief.
The Federation needs more horses and stars, but it doesn’t need more ace mecha to violate military orders.
Slow and steady, step by step is the main strategy of the federal alien battlefield.
Although radical warfare may gain greater returns, it will also bear greater risks. Many people in the Federation believe that when the war is about to fail, the risk is of course as small as possible.
Ji Xinghe also knew what Ji Rongxinyue 5 base was doing, and he was pleased that Ji Rongxinyue showed great heart in understanding, supporting and maintaining him.
I’m worried about Yu Ji, Rong Xinyue and Xing Yuean.
Ji Rong Xinyue remotely controlled the training outside the base of Xingyue No.5. He and Ji Rong Xinyue knew the truth.
That’s not remote exercise, it’s freedom of the moon and the stars.
Ji Xinghe, who often violates military orders, is worried about having some kind of ambition and learning from him. Will the moon and the moon leave the No.5 base without looking back?
There may be three results.
One is that the moon and the moon are found to be abnormal. The Federation directly locks the moon and the moon through certain restrictions or sends mecha to take the moon and the moon back. The moon and the moon are destined to be studied, and Ji Xinghe will certainly accept a long-term investigation.
You found the awakening artificial intelligence program. Why not report it? This practice is dangerous for the Federation, and this concealment is different from betraying the Federation.
One is that the moon and the moon are destroyed after encountering the imperial mecha, and once the intelligent core is destroyed, the moon and the moon are equivalent to being completely dead.
One is that Xingyue returned to the No.5 base with a pile of weapons made of tungsten, steel and gold, and asked Ji Xinghe or Ji Rongxinyue to find Shen Mu to help her transform and upgrade.
If the moon and the stars are in a normal state, it takes 20 years to punch and kick, then the overclocking mode will take her 40 years to punch and kick.
Get tungsten, steel and gold to transform the main body and replace the twelfth generation core engine. Xingyue is stronger than General A.
It takes 60 years to punch and kick, and kung fu is even higher.
The last possibility may sound very realistic, but it is impossible to complete it. For the time being, there is no energy source, and it is impossible to fight for a long time.
Moreover, the moon and the moon are too far away from the No.5 base, and the disadvantages of remote control exercise with induction helmet on the moon will appear, and the abnormality of the moon and the moon will still be found.
The moon and the moon must not leave base 5.
However, Ji Xinghe can’t force him to expect Xingyue to be more sensible than he is, not to be too impulsive and not to disappoint Thaksin.
One thousand … I’m still worried about Ji Xinghe and Shen Mu. When communicating, I told him to increase the standby energy system for Xingyue and add a maintenance mechanical arm, or the kind that can separate the body and make it multifunctional.
It’s really no problem for Xingyue to control more than one mechanical arm when there are twelve pile hands, pile feet and Ji Xinghe fighting for more than a month.
If the moon really chooses the impulse, then Ji Xinghe can hope that the moon can live.
Being alive is more important than anything else.
"How should I explain the conversation between Lao Ji Li Han and Jackson?"
Su Chuanyun, who has returned to the No.5 base, took the Xinghe squad and asked many mecha questions about the No.5 base to make sure that they would not interfere with the situation of Ji Xinghe.
This makes driving the champion Hou for his life and Ji Xinghe not like running for his life, but like patrolling the battlefield in space battleship, where the general can handle all kinds of things at the same time.
"You all know?"
"I see," Su Chuanyun said in a natural tone. "At that time, Li Han and Jackson got into a fight. Many people in the maintenance area filmed it. The video has already been filmed."
Ji Xinghe pondered a little and then asked, "If you have 56 years of kung fu with one punch and one foot like me, can you all beat ten super mecha with one enemy and ten injuries with your bare hands?"
"Yes, don’t say I dare to fight one enemy against ten."
"Do you think that you can fight against the imperial orangutans with your bare hands?"
Su Chuanyun hesitated before seriously answering "No"
"Why not?"
"Because they are too physically strong."
"It’s that they are too physically strong for you to beat, but when they wear armor?"
"They are also very strong when they wear armor. Because of their strong physical fitness, they can bear higher loads and make more difficult maneuvers. They are not afraid of us when armor hits, but they may faint."
"Do you all think so?"
"Yeah, or what?"
"Then you think back to a time when I played with you, did you ever hit me? Do you have those difficult fights for me? "
"That can be the same? You can play more than we can. "
"But I’m not as good as you young people in terms of physical fitness."
"But your explosive power is stronger than ours, your reaction speed is faster than ours, your fighting consciousness is stronger than ours, and you don’t look like an old man at all."
"This is what Li Han said. It takes 50 or 60 years to punch and kick. This is also when you wear armor, you all have kung fu, but you always ignore this."
Su Chuanyun paused to listen to the Milky Way squad, and all of them were shocked. When they were thinking, Ji Xinghe continued
"Orangutans are physically strong, but when they wear armor, their bodies are really tied down and they can rely on the mecha. Li Han said that you are not fighting imperial orangutans, but imperial mecha."
"Is the orangutan load resistance can be stronger but what to spell this with them? When I played with you, did I compete with you for the ability to fight? "
"Jackson said something to me when he first met me. He said that the mecha should fight like people, but the mecha are not people."
"It’s not just Jackson who thinks so. Almost all mecha think so, and so do I."
"But at this point, I have a different understanding from you. You think that the mecha is not a person but a tool, but I think that the mecha is an extension of the body. Except for the hands and feet, the limbs are like limping their artificial limbs."
"Lame their actual combat training will be destroyed by you their prostheses? No, but when you drive the mecha to fight, you will use it as a tool, for example, as an explosion-proof shield. The meaning of an explosion-proof shield is the explosion-proof place. "