Gu Qing nodded. "So you seal the island!"

"Island! ?”
The two masters of Dan Dao’s nine peaks slightly Zheng, some didn’t understand the meaning of his sentence.
GuQing chuckle in a tone of the wind light cloud light way "if you really don’t want to accept this punishment forced me to leave! Is after I leave, I can’t figure out what else you can do to resist me from time to time coming to your island to attack and kill except to protect the island at all times … Well, it’s wrong. Even if you protect the island at all times, I think you can postpone the collapse of the island for a little while … "
Although the other party said it lightly, the two elders, Gu Qing, heard an icy cold in their words.
If they refuse to accept this punishment, they will be assassinated forever!
Reminiscent of Gu Qing’s horrible avatar Rao, the two of them had already cultivated to the pinnacle of Dan Dao nine times a hundred years ago, and they still felt a chill in their hearts. If Gu Qing really hides in the dark and casts this avatar on them, even if they are capable at present, they will definitely be directly beheaded like those practitioners of Dan Dao seven times and heavy!
"GuQing you don’t push too hard! The two of us are at least masters of Dan Dao’s nine peaks, and they are all masters in the same place. You are so bitter. Do you really want to make an endless fight with our one-dollar island? ?”
Guqing shook his head, so he stopped answering. It was that faint chuckle that had been hanging on his face, but it had gradually disappeared and replaced it with a defiant indifference!
"Damn it … if I don’t attack you now, I’ll destroy the foundation of the one-yuan Naqi array. I don’t believe it can’t stop this from happening!" Two elders will turn their attention to the broken temple when they drink in anger!
The elder had a low drink and stopped the second elder.
"The seedling of the immortal wood has the characteristics of devouring all vitality except magic weapon attack, and even some magical powers can be broken!"
"That we can be a magic weapon to move that area Fiona Fang kilometers to the ground! Terminate the operation of one-yuan Naqi. "
The elder took one look at Gu Qing, who stopped talking. At this moment, this master who has been practicing for nearly a thousand years seems to have aged a lot. "If we really destroy this law, it would be tantamount to rejecting his punishment for our one-yuan island. Waiting for us then will be an endless assassination …"
"endless assassination!"
This kind of assassination is not an endless ancient green ability. It is necessary to assassinate all the seven-fold practitioners of Dan Dao on their one-yuan island, and it is impossible to stop those five-and six-fold masters of Dan Dao from slaying them. Waiting for them at that time, the one-yuan island is not as simple as the exhaustion of Zongmen’s vitality, but the whole one-yuan island is completely destroyed
Want to know this after two elders suddenly became pale.
Not only those practitioners who have seen the terrible avatar of Guqing with their own eyes, but also no one dares to say with confidence that he is 100% sure that he can resist the assassination of the terrible avatar of Guqing.
At that time, the whole one-dollar island practitioners department was silent.
Although there are nearly a thousand experts in the realm of Dandao around now, no one dares to say a word or do anything about it when he looks at Guqing’s growing seedlings and plundering their vitality!
In the face of such a terrible opponent, the two elders of Dan Dao’s nine peaks didn’t say anything, but they actually acquiesced in Gu Qing’s punishment!
Now the only regret in their hearts is that they didn’t investigate the real strength of Guqing … If they hadn’t rushed to him because they didn’t know enough about Guqing’s strength, there wouldn’t be such a miserable field today.
The heavy breath is constantly filled with the emptiness of the island, and even those brothers who have come in this direction are silent. Tens of millions of practitioners silently watch and render the atmosphere of the whole island like the end of the world!
One belongs to the end of one yuan island!
Seeing this spectacular scene with one’s own eyes is almost scary. Those stalkers who were forced by the elders in the door to follow Gu Qing to one yuan island can finally curb their fears.
There are at least three masters of Dan Dao and Nine Heavenly Realms in One Yuan Island. Overseas, besides Liuli Xiandao and Heaven Emperor Island, there are first-class schools that can cross their shoulders. However, after such a powerful sect was killed by Gu Qing alone, it was actually able to watch the other side kill them. Several Dan Dao Qi and the heavy elders are now destroyed by the other side, and they dare not say a word.
It’s better than a first-class pie, and so is one yuan island. What about them?
If Gu Qing is really angered and killed by Gu Qing, they will either destroy their spiritual veins or destroy them. What should they do?
Thinking of this, these stalkers dare not hesitate to record this scene through the memory crystal for the first time, intending to return these images, and then desperate to dissuade their ancestral door from playing Guqing again!
It’s good to March into Middle-earth with Xuanyang Tianzong and enjoy the rich resources of the whole Middle-earth, but you must also enjoy it with your life. If even their whole Sect is destroyed, what can you talk about pleasing Xuanyang Tianzong and marching into Middle-earth?
At that time, this silence passed away in a heavy atmosphere!
All day long, the one-yuan Naiqi Great Art Array has been running for a whole day, which has aroused the vitality of the spirit vein of the one-yuan island. Nine times out of ten, these vitality are swallowed up by the seedling part of the longevity tree in the bottom hole, and the remaining 10% or 20% are also distributed in all directions, or continue to immerse themselves in the spirit vein or return to heaven and earth forever.
When Gu Qing put away the immortal tree, even a younger brother in the airway realm of Yiyuan Island could clearly feel that the vitality contained in the gas had dropped to an unprecedented low point, almost different from those ordinary mountain forests outside!
Took one look and absorbed the growth trend of a whole spiritual vein. A great immortal sapling, Guqing, directly put him into the artifact, and then glanced at the nine peaks of Dandan. The elder and the second elder didn’t say a word. So many Dandan masters surrounded the middle side and flew to the east of Middle-earth …
The third volume The stars gather together to fight the tenth time back to heaven and earth city
The collapse of two Dan Dao seven masters and more than a dozen Dan Dao five masters on Floating Cloud Island was not easily leaked out because of its excellent confidentiality.
However, the one-yuan island is not only a well-known overseas power, but also a news that there are hundreds of explorers from various sects when Guqing collected the spirit of the one-yuan island one day, even if you want to hide it, you can’t hide it!
At that time, many practitioners knew that Guqing had learned a terrible magic power, and the East should stand in a straight line, but the five-step reconstruction of Dandao could slay the nine-fold master of Dandao. Even if it was better than having three nine-fold masters of Dandao, the island was also watched by Guqing with this magic power, and he dared not say a word.
Idle practitioners should first consider whether they can save their lives with that horrible avatar if they want to play with Guqing’s idea!
Perhaps it is because the action of killing chickens and monkeys in One Yuan Island has played an effective role.
When Li Guqing arrived, he finally became peaceful in the process of rushing to Middle-earth. Even if some practitioners saw him far away, they would retreat as far as they saw some extremely horrible ghosts and demons, for fear that they might accidentally let the other party misunderstand that they were following him, so they were coerced by him to return to the clan that destroyed them!
After flying for three days, the huge coastline of Middle-earth finally appeared at the end of his vision!
"Artifact … that’s Shinto honour level strong also difficult to sacrifice refined treasures! A Shinto deity wants to refine an artifact, which is not only very demanding on materials, but also very important for refining an artifact. Even if both are available, it will take hundreds of years and thousands of years to refine an artifact! A Shinto statue may not be able to scrape together an artifact material to refine an artifact all his life! The auction of such valuables is taken over by the big powers such as the Xinghe Commercial Association, and it is necessary to make a good announcement and add the auction after it becomes famous. I absolutely dare not neglect it! "
I thought that Guqing would no longer go to other places and directly targeted the most central part of Middle-earth, which is located in the "Juque" headquarters of Tiandi City Xinghe Commercial Association, the first city in Middle-earth!