Lin Ying jumped up with a machete in her hand and stepped heavily on the back of the knife.

A crunchy sound
The white man’s head and neck are separated
The white man’s head rolled out, and his frozen face was full of disbelief.
A lot of blood gushed out from the white man’s neck and dyed the whole ground red.
Lin Ying hurriedly jumped by the other side’s blood spraying everywhere.
The white man died and died after two injections.
This let Lin Ying than love those two drugs.
Everyone is dead. This mercenary is completely solved.
So I turned over the bodies and hoped to find those potions from them.
Lin Ying turned over for a while and found that some of these mercenaries were white men with more potions, and others only had one or two potions.
There are even two people who don’t have a potion.
But to say that there are more drugs, that is, there are more white men.
There are several potions in his backpack, and the shadow of his body has actually found more than ten potions.
Lin Ying couldn’t tell the difference between these potions, so she packed them all in a bag and stuffed them into her backpack. She planned to tell them later and sometimes.
After packing all the potions, Lin Ying came to look for his things.
Although the guns in these people’s hands are not played, they still have to wait for the bullets to be found in the back, so this leak can arm a lot of fighting capacity.
Earlier, Lin Ying felt that there was nothing for hot weapons to kill by herself. It should be extremely easy to hunt those with guns.
But after this battle, Lin Ying found that hot weapons were more powerful.
You cann’t get close to the person with the gun by stabbing yourself. That’s the gap
Lin Ying finally realized this now.
So he wants to take a gun and arm the shadow guards so that they can combine their abilities like these mercenaries and then use the gun to solve the battle.
It didn’t take long for Lin Ying to gather all the weapons together.
At the same time, Lin Ying gave the news here to Wangcai through Wangcai to let them come over.
Chapter 254 What the hell is it?
Lin Ying wandered around the building after searching for these mercenaries’ things.
Pushing a room with a forest shadow, I found some wooden boards and some simple bedding on the ground, and all kinds of clothes, food and backpacks were thrown everywhere.
Obviously, this is where these mercenaries rest.
Seeing those backpacks, Lin Ying’s eyes lit up.
So many backpacks are those mercenaries, right? They all carry so many potions. I wonder if they will also carry potions when they backpack?
Thought of here, Lin Ying quickly picked up a backpack and then turned it up.
But as Lin Ying moved, his face gradually became ugly.
Lin Ying poured everything out of her backpack and looked a little ugly.
Lin Ying was very angry with the contents of her backpack, which contained a lot of US dollars, diamonds and gold.
But it’s the last time. These things have an egg.
I didn’t even see anything like medicine.
Lin Ying feet to Bala two looked next to another pack of Bao Dao "is this man too poor to have extra potion? Then I’d better go through someone else’s bag and see if there is one. "
So Lin Ying picked up a backpack next to her and turned it up.
This turn Lin Ying’s face became even uglier.
In addition to the US dollar jewelry, this bag contains at most sets.
Various brands and models
There’s no him except.
Lin Ying black face threw the backpack aside and looked at others’ bags.
A moment later, Lin Ying’s whole face was as black as the bottom of the pot.
Everyone’s bags are filled with all kinds of strange things, and it’s not bad to pack dollars and gold bars. Those bags are not so bad, and some people pack bags of toilet paper and money.
But there’s only no medicine in it, and even less bullets.
The only thing that makes Lin Ying feel gratified is that there are several bags filled with more than ten pieces of stones taken out of the evolutionary zombie head.
Lin Ying knows that these stones can rise and evolve, which is worth a little money.
When Lin Ying was rummaging through her bag with a black face, the door was beaten. Qing Muyang and Wang Cai appeared in front of Lin Ying. "Boss, I’m here. Can I help you?"
Looking at green MuYang and prosperous wealth Lin Ying asked "how did you get here so soon? Where are they? "
Before Lin Ying could speak, Qing Muyang saw gold and diamonds everywhere, and the ghost cried, "Wow, boss, we are going to make a fortune. There are so many gold and diamonds. Wow, this is a gem."
Green Muyang is like a dog seeing a bone, and directly jumps to the ground and drools at the yellow and white logistics.
Looking at the green MuYang sample Lin Ying spirit not dozen 1 come.
SiJin took green MuYang brain slap "hair fart wealth now is the last days these things have an egg? You can’t eat and you can’t beat zombies to wipe your ass. "
Qing Muyang was suddenly wilted by the clap of Lin Ying, and vomitted to stick out his tongue. "Hey, hey, too. You handed the message to Wangcai, and he told everyone that I took a lift and came first. Others are still behind."
Lin Ying directly left the room and went to the next room, and said to Qing Muyang, "Crazy, hurry up and search for the few remaining rooms and focus on putting a small test tube like this."
Lin Ying threw a test tube into Qing Muyang’s hand and left.
Qing Muyang caught the test tube, looked at it and answered, "Yes, I know."
After that, he turned and followed Lin Ying out, but as he walked, he picked up some chains, gems and rings from the ground.
When Qing Muyang left the room, he hung at least ten big gold chains on his neck and ten fingers were full of rings. The whole person dressed up like an explosion and walked with a bang.
Lin Ying ignored Qing Muyang but walked into the next room.