The instructors next to them frowned at the same time. If the fighting hadn’t continued, they would have denounced the waste by now, but they didn’t expect that they had always been polite and apologized before fighting. Ji Xinghe now scolded them.

Ji Xinghe took a big step when a mecha appeared in front of him. The ultra-high explosive force of the low gravity environment made him look like he didn’t walk over but jumped over. Before his body landed smoothly, he raised his hand and hit the mecha who was stuck.
What is the mecha’s body can react to let him reach out and parry Ji Xinghe’s slap, and at the same time hit Ji Xinghe’s chest with the other hand, but even though Ji Xinghe’s age makes him resentful, he has received some strength.
Ji Xinghe noticed this and became even more angry. It turned out that he didn’t flash or avoid hard resistance, and this punch hit his right hand and made him more powerful.
Pa, the mecha who raised his hand to parry hit his own head, and Ji Xinghe’s right hand exerted strength. When it was dark, he felt his left leg hit his right leg again, and his whole body fell to the ground sideways out of control.
From the bystander’s point of view, it was Ji Xinghe who slammed the mecha with his fist on his back.
Bang, six mecha’s hearts shook at the same time before they really took part in the battle.
This old man.
The old man patted just a punch in the chest and looked at the mecha and said that sentence.
"I have no strength to beat people and say that I am a mecha?"
This sentence would have become a stain on Major Han Li’s life with the video of Ji Xinghe VS Li Han’s battle, but now this stain is like dripping into a bowl of ink. No one in the training area of No.6 base is lucky to be in the training area.
"Hit me!"
Ji Xinghe was angry again and then rushed to another mecha. At this time, these mecha finally couldn’t help it. They decided to temporarily forget the virtues of respecting the elderly and loving the young, and rushed to Ji Xinghe, including the three most defeated mecha.
Then they flew back screaming.
One enemy, ten horses, and Xinghe won completely, but this is not the end, but a
Chapter 47 Three hundred million people watch together
Bang bang bang …
Instructor Li clapped his hands and jumped out of the equipment box. His hands were like some mecha equipped with machine guns, and he swept ten mecha’s door.
Several other instructors also applauded the quiet training area, which was very clear, just like matching instructor Li’s gun line to form a fire coverage area, which made ten mecha totally embarassed and hate not sticking to the ground.
Bang bang bang …
Another crisp clap came from Yan Yan around Su He. When she applauded, her little face turned red, and her little hands turned red, which made Ji Xinghe feel a little distressed when she saw this scene.
But her palm was like the last straw that crushed the camel. Ten mecha lowered their heads to find cracks in the ground and wanted to get in. Unfortunately, there were no cracks in the ground to train the mecha. The training area was full of potholes.
"I’m sorry, everyone." Ji Xinghe apologized to the mecha like a different person after he stopped fighting. "I’m impulsive when I fight, and you don’t do it … I’m sorry I made a mistake just now."
"No, no, no, no, Mr. Ji, you didn’t slip of the tongue." Instructor Li stopped clapping and looked at the ten mecha. "They are useless. They don’t deserve to be mecha. They don’t have the strength to hit an imperial gorilla. How to hit an imperial mecha?"
Mecha soldiers are right. Keep your head down.
"I know what you’re thinking. You think you’re mecha, and you’re fighting with the mecha instead of the imperial orangutans with your bare hands. It doesn’t matter whether you can win the old man Ji. If you wear the mecha, ten or a hundred old men Ji are not your opponents. If you let the old man Ji wear the mecha, he can’t beat you like just now, right?"
Instructor Li’s question doesn’t need to be answered, because it is a recognized fact that human beings can’t defeat a pilot with their bare hands, and so does Ji Xinghe unless he has a knife.
No one knows what Ji Xinghe thinks, otherwise the topic will definitely go astray today. Instructor Li looked at the silent mecha soldiers, whether they were defeated by Ji Xinghe or not.
"Teachers in your school should have told you, and I have told you more than once, that this weapon of war is different from weapons of war such as guns, cannons, missiles, starships, etc. You should not regard it as a weapon but as an extension of your body."
"It’s not a gun shot, it’s played out, and if it doesn’t hit, it’s another shot. If you don’t get a chance to shoot again, you will be hit by the enemy mecha. If you don’t hit it, you will be lucky enough to resist a few bad luck, and you will die on the spot. Armor can protect you, but if you have to know it, it will become a burden to you."
"This kind of driving mecha combat more like what? It’s more like an ancient cold weapon, that is, the ancient man-machine armor is an extension of their bodies. "
Mecha soldiers have heard this many times, but it is the first time for Ji Xinghe to hear it with his own eyes. His eyes lit up.
Instructor Li went on to say, "It’s a lot of fighting skills that your body can use to keep the mecha from coming out, but this doesn’t mean that the physical fighting skills are completely useless for driving the mecha. On the contrary, we want to train all of you in close combat skills because of this."
"It’s not fighting skills. Of course, some fighting skills are really valuable, but most fighting skills are tools. It’s not fighting skills, but being able to skillfully make those fighting skills. You are fighting experience."
"The human strength is limited, so is the fighting skills. The former Mr. Ji can fight against ten at the age of sixty-five. So if Mr. Ji can drive the mecha and have the same level of fighting as you, can he fight against ten?"
Mecha soldiers continue to silence.
"I think the answer is yes," said instructor Li. "Because you are stronger than Mr. Ji when you are not wearing armor, your speed is faster than him and your reaction speed is better than him, but you still lost. If everyone is fighting in armor, you can limit your strength and speed to the same level. What reason do you have to win?"
Ji Xinghe’s eyes are almost glowing. Know me, Instructor Li. He looked at Instructor Li with dribbling eyes, just waiting for Instructor Li to tell him to drive the mecha, but Instructor Li didn’t have this idea at all.
Who would let a 65-year-old man drive a mecha to fight?
Instructor Li said it sounds good, but it’s actually a concept of stealing. Because driving the mecha and riding the Milky Way theory can’t fully exert the performance of the mecha, his body can’t bear the root, so everyone’s strength and speed are at the same level.
It’s a theory
"Mr. Ji Lao" instructor Li not only never thought that letting Ji Xinghe drive the mecha would be wrong, but also solemnly said, "Say something."
Ji Xinghe was disappointed, but he didn’t take the opportunity to make his own request to drive the mecha because he didn’t show enough strength to convince others that his money would be rejected if he forced it.
He is not afraid to refuse, he is afraid that others will guess his real purpose and produce resistance and rejection to him.
"Okay, let me say something."
Ji Xinghe glanced at it. He was already half an hour late.
"I know you are very angry in your hearts because I was flattering you in the battle just now-you didn’t take it seriously. When you get serious, I have divided you, and you ten people can’t join forces against me anymore, so you have the illusion that I am one enemy and ten. You are not so miserable."
Unbearable Is it necessary for Lao Ji to use this word?
Mecha soldiers have no resentment or anger in their hearts. They are as angry as Ji Xinghe said.
"One-on-one, none of you should be my opponent." Ji Xinghe hesitated when he said this sentence, but he blew the cowhide out despite his goal and attracted more than 100 mecha’s attention.
"Mr. Ji," added next to instructor Li, "You can remove the one-on-one situation. None of them are your opponents."
Ji Xinghe believed that the confidence of instructor Li, a professional, soared again. "I thought I would lose just now, but I didn’t expect that I didn’t lose because I won’t fight one enemy against ten against three after you can’t put your hands and feet. I’ll beat you all again and then one against four and one against five …"
Beat all of us?
This old horse …
The old horse pointed to the flying man-machine. "I hope you are serious, or you will appear and have a documentary with me."
Don’t say it’s the mecha. Instructor Li and others are also stunned by the documentary.
Ji Xinghe turned and asked, "Reporter Su, how much did I play in the first issue of that documentary?"
Su He shouted out "300 million"
Ji Xinghe looked back at more than one hundred mecha. This time, he looked at the mecha not alone, but with three hundred million people.
Chapter 4 Lao Ji is right
"I’ll come back at noon, and I hope you’ll be ready in about an hour."