This time is no exception.

Different from usual, this time Wu Xiaoqing did not walk directly to his office or office area, but walked directly into Chen She’s office.
Twenty minutes later, she just took a nap. Chen She came out in high spirits and called Yan Yan and Yu Qing, two project directors, into the office. Soon, everyone got a new job arrangement smoothly-similar to the previous job, most people need to contact some people for consultation through various channels.
Although the accuracy of the consultation meeting is still unclear, several general directions have been confirmed. According to the previous work practice, the efficiency of consulting the exhibition will be greatly improved when booking the photographers before.
Rao Xin noticed this change in the atmosphere in the office, but he was a little surprised that no one had come to unite himself up to now. Strictly speaking, his colleagues have not had any communication with him since he joined the company-because each other hardly handed in the position of Rao Xinqinglan Company, which is actually Wu Xiaoqing’s personal consultant.
Rao Xin looked at Wu Xiaoqing when he walked out of Chen She’s office. He nodded and pointed to his office.
"Girlfriend looking for? I heard that it is not very smooth? " Wu Xiaoqing had heard that Rao Xin’s screening blind date had met with great setbacks-probably because Rao Xin didn’t pay attention to confidentiality in the implementation process, and those girls knew each other, so the result was conceivable. The image of Rao Xin became a typical blind date in love rat for hundreds of people a month-this hometown in Rao Xin has become a typical one that goes bad after being rich.
"I’m still not suitable for specific work." Rao Xin didn’t look a little embarrassed. His face seemed to have typed a few typos when he was coding. "The schedule was too tight. Before and after two blind dates met the company. Is there any new project?"
"Sort of," Wu Xiaoqing said. "I asked you to come here mainly because I have a question to ask your opinion."
Raoxin nodded Wu Xiaoqing to continue.
"Well," Wu Xiaoqing said, "I have heard a saying before that the higher the level of literature in the universe, the higher the morality. This is not a by-product of literature, but the opposite-morality is the key to whether the literature can be renewed. Do you think this statement is reasonable?"
"Yes," Rao Xin replied without thinking, "I have always been the idea that morality is actually a kind of production and productivity, which is consistent with the morality of the slave age. If it needs to make progress, it must actively abandon this backward morality, otherwise it will be eliminated by foreign languages or by moral supporters of its own department. The process of the disappearance of this new morality has always been the source of historical progress. If this world is alien, I believe the same law is effective for them and the effect is more obvious than the earth."
"More obvious?"
"It’s a continuation of the earth, which is greatly influenced by external interference factors. Most of the earth’s money died in other languages … The factors of death in other languages are diverse, which may be long-term geographical constraints like Australian aborigines, and may be like Loulan due to changes in natural conditions or foreign enemies like ancient Greece or Rome … On the contrary, if the text reaches the present level of the earth, the whole planet will be unified, and it will be difficult to die because of the invasion of other languages, because the distance between stars is too far away to interstellar navigation or interstellar war. The law is covered up … A text can go on to a great extent because it is limited by itself, such as the present earth. If human beings die in the Cold War, I won’t feel strange at all, and if human beings want to further the balance of nuclear deterrence at present, it is bound to produce some new morality that can be accepted by all. Wang Morality is on the verge of failure after it comes into contact with nuclear weapons. "
Wu Xiaoqing frowned. It’s not that he didn’t understand Rao Xin dialect, but that he thought this passage was more interesting. He couldn’t finish understanding it at the moment. Wu Xiaoqing took out his mobile phone and pressed the recording. "This is consulting information. You should be able to understand it. Can you repeat this paragraph just now?"
Rao Xin smiled. "I can understand it, but I’m a little nervous. Let me put it another way. This is more virtual and real. Every literary foundation corresponds to an element. Slave literary works are very simple. Slaves are responsible for producing slave owners and controlling violence. Slaves go through two links from nature to the final literary production. These two links determine the production and distribution of all materials. Think of each article as an enterprise. This is the competition between enterprises, from a tribe to a country … Just like the current commercial market. What do investors pay most attention to? Is it the profit rate of the enterprise? Everyone pays attention to business model. What is business model? Reality is a mode of writing. "
"In the past, factories, manufacturers, distributors and wholesale stores sold this as a kind of text; At present, the logistics connection in the factory direct network delivery and long-distance order of consumers is another article; In the factory model, people’s heart is profit. At that time, merchants set high prices, consumers haggle and play games around prices, which is the old business ethics; In the business model, people pay attention to the overall influence and image of the market. Merchants can compensate for selling things, consumers can get praise, and bad reviews can get compensation. Many cheaper manufacturers can even give away the game around the corporate image, which is a new business ethics. In the old business ethics, selling things at a loss is to disrupt the market order … "
"I said it’s a bit messy, but that’s what I mean. Higher productivity will definitely produce newer and more efficient production-real production is a kind of moral slave. Slavery times are public morality, but it’s a heinous truth to change to now."
Wu Xiaoqing nodded and agreed with Rao Xin. "So if a text … well, if the concept of the earth AI is very popular now, what new morality will it produce if all the work is done by AI one day in the future?"
"It’s very simple, communist morality," Rao Xin said. "Now capitalist morality is money to measure social contribution and allocate social resources according to social contribution. If you don’t work and get social contribution, you won’t be eligible for social resources. If all labor can be replaced and allocated according to the capitalist model in the future, it will obviously fall into a fallacy-everyone is not eligible for production, and the new morality naturally arises at the historic moment. Actually, this morality has already been produced, that is, allocating social resources according to needs."
Wu Xiaoqing got up and walked to the window of his office-once he was in this position in the virtual world, looking at the stranger outside and looking at the crowd of ladders and track seats … Now he sees the traffic of Ningzhou high-rise buildings and highways.
"So for those AI, does this world mean their slave society?"
Rao Xin paused. "I don’t know. After all, the AI ? ? on the earth is also a conceptual product. If AI really has the ability of human thinking, I believe it is."
"That history will once again enter a new cycle? Is this opposition definitely the solution? "
Rao Xin shook his head. "I don’t think so. I never believed in this circular fatalism."
"We live in a limited world, and the limited world must correspond to the limited rules, whether the rules are social or scientific. This is a simple logical problem."
"If the time factor is ignored, the whole world will inevitably reach a final equilibrium state. The physical meaning of the whole universe will inevitably lead to thermal silence-based on the physical rules we have learned so far."
"Based on other languages, I dare not say that at least human culture will go to communism, which determines that this trend is really human nature preference-we naturally hate being dominated and unnecessary labor. If this quality does not change, human culture will definitely have a stable solution in the future."
"You just said that after AIAI is involved in our article, if we define AI according to our quality and finally reach a stable value, it must be AI and us, and we will merge into a life form; If we define AI as another form, for example, they naturally like to be dominated and like to work, then we may become a complementary language, just like eukaryotic cells and mitochondria-we can hardly say that mitochondria are cell slaves. "
275 conservative and radical
Qingtian building di warehouse
When Wu Xiaoqing came in, the search and rescue team was busy. The concept was that Wu Xiaoqing said something to him and he needed 30 seconds to give a reply. Although he could still communicate, his efficiency was very low. The most important thing was that this state was not suitable for making decisions.
Wu Xiaoqing has now roughly understood some principles of search and rescue teams. Before that, he still regarded the search and rescue team as an AI. If it is really AI, it needs to give enough computing resources to significantly improve the thinking efficiency of the search and rescue team.
Later, Wu Xiaoqing found that the thinking mode of the real search and rescue team was close to human beings.
Although the search and rescue team can easily do multi-threading work, this thread is the limit-probably equivalent to doing seven jobs at the same time, and what will happen if there is more work-Wu Xiaoqing asked "What are you doing" and didn’t get an answer until two minutes later-"Note the futures markets of various countries"
After sitting down, Wu Xiaoqing played his mobile phone and prepared to listen to his conversation with Rao Xin just now.
"If we look at the real human society in a broad sense, it is still a slave society. Can’t it be called slavery by controlling people through capital? Employees and slaves are just different in the degree of slavery. "
"Is it true that the highly developed society relies on AI to implement the quality of work, or is it because they make AI or personification procedures? Personification is not a good idea to make AI. Although human beings have produced a text, we need to make an AI and let them face such a text again according to the human route?"
"Unrealistically, we need only tools to replace our tools. Even if AI has intelligence, it doesn’t necessarily need to give them human emotions and morality …"
"Do you think that the essence of the war between human beings and AI or the reason of the war between human beings and humans are all based on human morality? AI is just a program to simulate human neural links, and their logics are consistent."