Cao Ge and a group of people saw those zombies coming and scared their necks back.

Middle school student Xiao Lu Cao Ge followed the trail "Uncle Cao, can the two of them beat those zombies?"
Cao Ge shook his head with a dignified face. "I don’t know."
Ding Saner constantly rubbed his chest and complained that "it’s good for zombies to kill them. It’s like a big uncle."
Ding Saner was kicked off by Lin Ying just now, and he has great resentment towards Lin Ying.
At this time, the thin man next to him said, "I don’t think they can kill so many zombies. Previously, they killed dozens of zombies in the supermarket. It’s a dream to deal with Baibai."
People next to smell speech immediately nervous way "they can’t resist the zombies that we are not dangerous? Let’s run quickly. "
"Where to run? The supermarket is occupied by them. There are zombies everywhere in front of us. How can we run? " Someone depressed way
Cao Ge quickly comforted the crowd and said, "Everybody calm down. These two people are very powerful. Maybe they can kill those zombies. Let’s make decisions again and again."
I stamped my feet with anger. "Brother Cao, I can’t calm down. If you want to stay, you can stay here, brother. I have to go first."
With that, the man jumped out and looked around, hoping to find a way to escape.
At this time, the road in front of the rest area is full of zombies, and there is no way to go.
The supermarket behind was also occupied by Lin Ying, and they were not allowed to leave where they could find him.
At this moment, the man suddenly saw the toilet next to him, and suddenly his eyes lit up and he ran past.
This man moved and others followed him, and Cao Ge and Xiao Lu were left at the entrance of the supermarket.
Those people ran to the toilet and ran out of the toilet a few seconds later, covering their noses, trying to climb over the toilet wall.
At this moment, Lin Ying has finished with zombies over there.
A zombie roared out from behind a car and jumped on Lin Ying with excitement. His outstretched claws made him grasp the past.
Lin Ying took the car door forward and blocked the zombie from struggling.
Then Lin Ying shoulders a force will be the door out.
The zombie behind the car door was directly overturned by Lin Ying and then fell down the hood of a car.
Lin Ying stamped his head with a knife.
At this time, next to it, two zombies, Lin Ying, avoided a zombie and then the door blocked a zombie claw.
Zombie claws grabbed the door and made a harsh sound, which made people’s teeth sour.
Lin Ying turned the shield to the side and drove the zombie to rush to the side. Lin Ying machete hit the zombie head with a knife.
Previously, the zombie was also adjusted at this time, and the animal descended again.
At the same time, several zombies descended.
Lin Ying was immediately surrounded by zombies, and the situation was very critical.
But Lin Ying unhurriedly put this shield in front of him, and then a rotation of the whole body blocked all zombie claws.
And this time a machete in his hand also fell one by one to cut to the zombie head.
For a moment, Lin Ying beheaded them.
But at this time, more zombies came up behind and surrounded Lin Ying directly.
While the green assessment there also appeared a large number of zombies who pounced on the green assessment green assessment animal will stick to those zombies constantly wandering.
Every time he swims past a zombie, there will be one more body.
Although Qing Muyang and Lin Ying are so powerful, in the eyes of outsiders, they are like two boats in stormy waters, which are in danger of capsizing at any time.
Ding Saner, a group of them climbed to the top of the toilet to turn over, but they found Lin Ying fighting so fiercely that they stared at Lin Ying and the zombies.