Qing Muyang is so powerful that he obediently listens to Lin Ying’s command. What magic does Lin Ying have?

So hao yang always took the opportunity to observe Lin Ying constantly. As time went by, he found that Lin Ying had a mysterious temperament, and he had a good impression on this temperament.
Even Yang Hao didn’t find that his attitude towards Lin Ying had completely changed.
As time goes by, it becomes difficult for the team to stay away from the N-zone road.
A large number of vehicles broke down and blocked the way of Lin Ying and others. They had to stop from time to time to clean the road, and the speed of progress gradually slowed down.
And there are often zombies wandering along the highway, and Lin Ying has suffered several waves of corpse tides along the way.
Although it was thrilling, Lin Ying knew that there might be a corpse tide if she went on like this.
So Lin Ying sent Qing Muyang and Yang Haodang scouts to ride motorcycles for several kilometers to investigate.
If you find a big corpse tide, you should inform the rear and then respond immediately to avoid those corpse tides.
So Lin Ying and them avoided several waves of large zombie groups with this method.
But when they avoid zombies, they unconsciously deviate from the original route.
{End of chapter}
Chapter 563 Language
On the tenth day after coming out of the N area, the team suddenly came to the outside of a small city.
Looking at the top of the mountain, Lin Ying, a dead city named bn, suddenly remembered that this should be the hiding place of mercenary Xiao Lanqi’s wife.
This is still the city, but it’s the bn area of the city.
In the process of avoiding zombies, they unconsciously came to the outside of bn area.
Looking at the zombie Lin Ying wandering in the city, I remembered the box Xiao Lanqi gave him.
Lin Ying hit the box and found that there was a tempered glass bottle with some reddish liquid in it, and I don’t know what it was.
Lin Ying doesn’t know what happened to Xiao Lanqi at the beginning. She didn’t even want her wife and children with such a bottle.
can’t get one’s mind round
Lin Ying jilted to jilt head continue to look at bn area looking at the streets zombies a language.
Bn is a small town, but there is a polytechnic university, but there are many zombies.
From a distance, the whole bn is full of zombies, and it is a zombie nest near the University of Science and Technology.
"Boss, do you want to bypass it?" Cannon fodder Jia Lin Ying was born around and asked
Lin Ying frowned and said, "Ask everyone if any of them are familiar with bn area."
Cannon fodder armor saw that Lin Ying didn’t answer her question and was not angry. She immediately turned to help ask.
After a while, cannon fodder armor brought a woman to Lin Ying. "Boss Li Meijie’s family is in bn area, and she is familiar with bn area."
Lin Ying looked at the thin woman in front of her and asked, "Hello, Mei Jie, I have a question to ask you."
Li Meijie was a little scared. "Boss, just ask and don’t mention it."
Lin Ying smiled and said, "Do you know the Polytechnic Garden in that line?"
Li Meijie leng a "know that my home is next to a science and engineering garden across the street"
"Oh, really? That would be easier," Lin Ying said with some excitement. "I have a simple map here. You can mark all the nearby buildings and then mark the population there as I have it."