"Vientiane is full of words!" The elegant middle-aged man handed over and said

"Qin Wolf!" Teng Qingshan said that his brother was called Qin Hong in his previous life, and his dark world killer code name was Wolf. Teng Qingshan also made up this pseudonym-Qin Wolf.
This Vientiane building owner Huo Yan quickly searched in his mind, but he didn’t find such a character as Qin Wolf. However, the number of powerful people in Kyushu didn’t dare to neglect Huo Yan and said with a smile, "It’s rare to meet a master brother Qin Wolf in Yicheng. Please sit down."
Tengqingshan this just gave me a smile big makin knife to sit directly.
"Yicheng this place is really difficult to meet the master of strength, but … Vientiane Gate is not the kui is a big sect with many valuables. Let these young brothers go to guard this courageous Pei" Tengqingshan also smiled and said simply.
The two guards were slightly changed but didn’t dare to go out.
Huo Yan chuckled, "These younger brothers just let them experience. On this day, you masters usually give us a few minutes of my meager sensibilities."
At this time, the maid also served tea.
"I wonder what Brother Qin Wolf came to my Vientiane Building for?" Huo Yan said
Tengqingshan directly took out the cold iron in ten thousand from her arms, slammed it on the low tea table and said with a faint smile, "I happened to get this cold iron in ten thousand just before I went to hone my swordsmanship!" I want to make a deal with your Vientiane building! "
"Ten thousand cold iron? Violet cold iron? " That Huo Yan’s heart trembled, and he even carefully identified it and specially covered his hand to see the halo.
"Sure enough, it is the weight of the eternal cold iron!" Huo Yan felt a heavy weight in his hand, and then he gave a strong shock. The iron was not damaged at all, and Huo Yan was sure that this stone was really cold iron.
This Huo Yan glanced at Teng Qingshan and couldn’t help thinking from the bottom of my heart, "It’s really daring to take out this treasure like Qin Wolf’s eternal cold iron so casually!"
Ordinary people have such treasures hidden. Will they come?
Huo Yan has seen some people who sell treasures in Vientiane Building play a lot of tricks, and they are worried about being robbed of treasures. It seems that a real master is not confident because of the master!
If you reach out and grab it, I’ll cut off your hand and get your baby back!
"And the treasure of eternal cold iron will be born only in extremely cold areas. The North Sea can get eternal cold iron, and it is also a master. This Qin wolf said that it was a narrow escape to get the eternal cold iron. Of course, it is a narrow escape. It seems that this young swordsman is very strong." Huo Yan clearly cannot judge people’s strength from their appearance
It seems that young people in their twenties are likely to be in their thirties and forties because they are not old.
For example, he seems to be forty, but he is actually over sixty.
"Brother Qin Wolf, this is really an eternal cold iron. I don’t know what price you want?" HuoYan said this one out of the two guards glance at one another obviously some retailing.
"Bid?" Teng Qingshan smiled and said to Huo Yan, "Violet cold iron is a treasure of refining weapons. Will I exchange it for silver?"
Huo Yan smiled awkwardly
"I don’t sell it!" Tengqingshan looked at HuoYan.
"I don’t know what to change?" Huo Yan asked
"Star steel!" Teng Qingshan said, "I have seven catties of cold iron, and I’m going to change 11 catties of star-shaped steel. Of course, the cold iron is far more than this price difference. You can make up for it with gold or silver tickets." Teng Qingshan said very simply.
Huo Yan mused, "Seven catties and two ounces … I can give you 11 catties of star-shaped steel plus five ounces of salt in Vientiane Building! Brother Qin Wolf, what do you think of this price? "
According to the price of a kilo of purple light cold iron and 20 kilos of gold, the price is much higher.
"This ten thousand years cold iron is more valuable than that star steel! You give a lower price, don’t you? "Tengqingshan light say with smile.
The eternal cold iron is indestructible. Many experts dream of having such weapons. Since there is a valuable market, the real transaction price of the eternal cold iron is a kilo of purple light cold iron, which should far exceed twenty kilos of gold, and the price of Vientiane Building with star-shaped steel is’ one or two star-shaped steel, one or two gold’. It is cheaper to purchase star-shaped steel from Vientiane Building than gold.
"This ….." Huo Yan hesitated a little and then gritted his teeth. "11 Jin of star-shaped steel plus 6 Liang salt gold tickets is the highest price I can quote."
"Very well," Tengqingshan nodded. "But please change this golden ticket into gold bars. I don’t like golden tickets."
"That’s no problem," Huo Yan said. "When you go to the bank to exchange money, you need to pay a little Vientiane Building. You haven’t haggled to that point." But you should also know that Vientiane Building in Yicheng doesn’t have so many star-shaped steel goods. "