As early as the Xinghe Commercial Association, Gu Qing has already seen some technical luck, and this Congyun restaurant, which can send seven masters of Dan Dao as hostesses, has pushed the technology to the limit. The whole restaurant is a unique place, and all kinds of technologies are cut and superimposed, which makes the whole restaurant department extremely broad. Even if Gu Qing is rebuilt and forced to break into it, it may fall into the trap!

After taking Gu Qing into Ya Hou, the girl bowed slightly. "What else do adults need? If adults don’t know anything about us, they can help introduce us to them!"
"Tell me about Yunxiao Jiu Feng!"
"Yunxiao Jiu Feng?" As soon as the girl wind chimes heard it, she seemed to guess something. "Do adults want to join Yunxiao Sect?"
Gu Qing nodded his head. Generally, the most important thing for large sects is to recruit new blood and inject it into the sects to strengthen their strength. Since Jiu Feng has developed so strongly, it must be the same with the surrounding cities.
"If an adult wants to assess Yunxiao Zongdi, it’s easy. You need an adult to be a registered younger brother of Yunxiao Zongdi. However, if you are young, it should be a Shinto quadruple. After entering Yunxiao Zongdi, you can directly become a younger brother of Yunxiao Zongdi. It’s easy to be promoted to your true brother if you have excellent performance and sufficient contribution value. Even if you don’t want to be a younger brother, you can go to Yunxiao Zongdi to seek a position as an outside elder!"
Although the outside elders are elders, their status is almost the same as that of servants and servants, not to mention some outstanding cousins. It is extremely difficult for them to get in touch with the core of Yunxiao Zongli, but Guqing’s goal is to go to Yunxiao Jiu Feng to find what belongs to them in that area, but the outside elders are the best choice.
There is a certain degree of freedom and it is unlikely that the core of Yunxiao Sect’s interests will be noticed and suspected by Yunxiao Sect’s top management!
"If adults really want to join Yunxiao Sect, we have a jade book here that introduces some information about Yunxiao Sect, which should be of some help to adults!"
"Grace jade book? Yunxiao Sect actually allowed you to sell these things? "
"Hehe, what is recorded in the jade book is also known to some people. What is not a secret thing is really private. We Dandao practitioners are naturally not qualified to know that even if we know it occasionally, we will never dare to go out and talk nonsense, otherwise it will definitely lead to fatal disaster!"
Gu Qing nodded and asked the price, then bought this jade book directly, and then stayed for a moment to know some information about him and then left directly.
Yunxiao Sect is a sect with a strong influence in the mountains, and its jurisdiction is extremely broad. Fiona Fang practitioners with hundreds of thousands of miles and tens of billions have to look at Yunxiao Sect’s face and act like him. Inquiring about Yunxiao Sect’s desire to join Yunxiao Sect, practitioners don’t know how many people are common every day, and there will be no doubt about Guqing Nature!
Gu Qing left Congyun Restaurant and went directly to a recruiting hall on the periphery of Yunxiao Sect.
At the moment, there are many monks flying in from all directions to gather in a square in front of this hall, and then they yearn to recruit registered brothers, foreign brothers, foreign elders, refiners and alchemists according to their own wishes.
In addition to these brothers, there are many practitioners in Yunxiao Taoist robes in the square who maintain order. These Shinto masters are all Shinto realm masters. When people look at them, they don’t have a faint awe!
Guqing Square looked for a few eyes and soon found the recruitment office of the elders outside the gate. He did not hide his six-fold realm of Shendao all the way, slightly revealing a little breath of Shendao masters who were signing up for the examination nearby.
Here, although there are many Shinto II, III and IV masters, it is extremely rare for a Shinto VI peak master like Gu Qing. Although powerful, Yunxiao Sect is at most equivalent to Wanxing Temple. Each of the first nine peaks is truly immortal, and even the patriarch has become Xuanxian. Those Jinxian realm masters have already retired from the background and become too old to practice, and they are eager to be promoted to Xiandao IV at an early date, so that Yunxiao Sect will become a wasteland and the first-class forces in the ancient world will occupy more resources!
Guqing appeared to be responsible for entertaining the elders outside the door. The old man with heavy Shinto immediately shines at the moment. "Shinto has six peaks." Do you want to be my outside elder of Yunxiao Sect? "
GuQing nodded his head!
"release your field and let me feel a thing or two!"
This is a necessary verification process. Gu Qing also knows from the jade book that when the field is released, the stars in the field are hidden by him. These stars are transformed by the map of Qing Di since ancient times. If he has the intention to hide, even the real immortal master can detect it, let alone the old man, a seven-fold practitioner of Shinto.
"What a powerful field, this power … has almost reached the limit that the field can reach. It’s not a problem to be promoted to Shinto Seven Heavens. It’s just that there is no time rule. It’s good that you are realistic. Even the elders who have become a sect have this strength. But you just entered my Yunxiao Sect for a while, so you should be an outside elder for decades. Register a document with me!"
After Gu Qing finished registering the required registration materials, he took out a piece of non-gold and non-gold jade with some kind of magic breath token, took a slight photo at him, took away his life breath and handed it to him. "This is your identity token. If I lose it everywhere in the future, I will have to look for it immediately, or I will be killed by an intruder in Yunxiao Sect’s Guardian Mountain Array. Don’t blame me for not waking up. Well, Li Li took him to Xianzhulin to report that Elder Wang had told me that there was a need for several foreign brothers who were responsible for supervision!"
"Yes," a woman beside the old man respectfully saluted Gu Qing and said, "Come with me!"
Then he took his royal sword and went straight to Yunxiao Sect. After crossing the outer protective mountain array of Yunxiao Sect, a huge continuous mountain suddenly appeared in the ancient green field of vision!
Without the array method, the appeal from the memory has been obviously strengthened to a higher level. Gu Qing always felt that something more important to himself was calling him deeply in the depths of Jiu Feng. If he didn’t know his situation and that he didn’t see enough roots before rebuilding Yunxiao Sect, he would have forced himself into the depths of Yunxiao Sect and responded to the call of that mysterious force.
"Stay close to me. If you rush around and die, you won’t blame anyone!"
Guqing nodded his head and pressed the urgent bottleneck in the depths of Jiu Feng immediately to the sky. "Dare to ask this Taoist friend what is the fairy forest?" Which direction? What is the treatment of the elders outside the gate? "
Female glanced at GuQing some disdain way "you are an outside door elders want to have what treatment now? Even if you are the six peaks of Shinto, you can’t be promoted to the door elders and the real elders the day before you fail to pass the test and confirm your credibility! "
"Hehe, I believe that the elder of the gate or the elder of the real estate is not far away for me!"
"With you? If you want to become an elder, you must not only be recognized and practice at least, but also achieve the seven levels of Shinto. From your field, it seems that your six levels of Shinto have been stuck for thousands of years and tens of thousands of years. "
Gu Qing nodded. "I’m here to try my luck and try to break through with the help of Yunxiao Sect’s higher martial arts. I also hope to make a name for myself!"
"Then you’ve chosen the right place. We’re in Yunxiao Zongliang Mountain, but a famous school has appeared in Taiyi realm before. If you have made great contributions, what advanced achievement method is awarded? It is indeed possible to break through to the elders of Shinto Seven Heavens, but although advanced achievement method may help you break through the realm, the best way to promote Shinto Seven Heavens is to make peerless contributions and enter the holy land for further study!"
"Holy land?"
"Nice Holy Land" said that there was a trace of longing in this woman’s eyes, and she couldn’t help looking at the highest peak in Yunxiao Jiu Feng. "Holy Land is filled with a lot of wood properties, fairy dust, mystery and mystery in the roots of Yunxiao Zongli Sect. Up to now, Yunxiao Sect has not thoroughly explored the secrets inside!"
Lai Guqing’s curious attitude towards this woman’s holy land was still perfunctory at will, but when she noticed the direction that this woman was looking at, she immediately thought of something, especially when he said that the speculation in her heart was completely confirmed.
"Holy land … impressively is to appeal to the direction of wood attribute dust … the ancient Qing Di original body is not an eternal wood? Nine times out of ten, the holy place is the place I am looking for, and everything I want to know is the answer. "It’s really hateful to think that such an important place is forced to go to other places because it was occupied by Yunxiao Sect at the moment. This place belongs to me in Yunxiao Jiu Feng, and the fairy tales and hidden secrets should belong to me. Now it’s really strange to be forcibly occupied by their department because I came a while late!"
"No, we must find a way to get close to that holy place. There are many immortal masters in Yunxiao Sect who are forced to take root, but they can’t make great contributions. Then they can practice in the holy place. I’m sure I can unlock the secrets in that holy place." Thinking of this, Gu Qing immediately asked, "What conditions do you need to enter the holy place?"
"Into the holy land? Don’t joke with you! "
"Tell me!"
The woman’s eyebrows frowned slightly, and she felt very uncomfortable with Gu Qing’s commanding tone. But I don’t know what kind of legal intuition made her not continue to struggle with Gu Qing after all. Instead, she snorted, "Even when we first entered the holy land in Yunxiao Jiu Feng, it was extremely precious. If you just want to get a chance to enter the holy land, it is simply difficult to get into heaven. Either you can make great contributions to saving the whole Yunxiao Sect or you can enter the holy land for a month with a contribution of 100 million sects!"
"A month …"
A month of practice is too short for a practitioner who wants to break through the realm, but it is enough for Gu Qing.
"100 million contribution value 100 million contribution value!"
The woman looked at these words and kept chanting. Gu Qing said strangely, "You’re not really going to gather together the 100 million contribution value, are you? One hundred million contribution value, it is extremely difficult to connect those experts in the realm of Shinto, and it takes several to accumulate one hundred million contribution value. For a practitioner of Shinto’s six peaks, one hundred million contribution value base is an astronomical figure that cannot be completed! "
Although the woman said so, at this moment, Gu Qing has made up her mind completely!
In the shortest time, collect 100 million contribution values and enter the holy land of the clouds!
No one can stop him!
The third volume The stars gather together to fight back to the two hundred and seventy-fourth at all costs
The elders outside the gate are equivalent to the grass-roots management of Zongmen, which governs the grass-roots industries in Zongmen, such as Gu Qing’s going to Xianzhulin at the moment, which is the first one. When it grows up, it is cut down to be the main material for refining the spirit. These spirit messengers, the four practitioners of Dandao, may not necessarily see these fairy trees after they have taken the lead in Dandao!
This shows that Gu Qing’s current position is of equal importance.
Li Li, the female brother, led the two of them to Xianzhulin in a short time and met the elder Wang Fengping who was in charge of this area of Xianzhulin!
Wang Fengping has served in Yunxiao Sect for more than two thousand years. It is not surprising for an outside elder like Gu Qing to arrange for him to guard the fairy tree forest, and then he assigned several thugs to his outside brother and left directly.
Although he practiced Shinto seven times higher than Guqing, he has achieved the belief of Yunxiao Sect, and he is willing to swear his soul. Yunxiao Sect has great resources, such as Lixian Zhulin, Wancaotang, Tianshui Lake, Baihua Valley, etc. He is in charge of unified jurisdiction. Lida is much higher than Guqing, a practitioner who just joined Yunxiao Sect’s Shinto six times.
After a few days’ stay in Guqing Xianzhulin, I went to Yunxiao Zongzhong to release all kinds of heavenly rewards!
In addition to the first building and several great elders, the Tianshang Temple is distributed to all elders and brothers of the whole clan, and all members of Yunxiao Sect can receive contributions here after completion!
Gu Qing entered this people’s buzzing days to admire the eyes behind the house and directly skipped those low-level and looked into the highest-level area!
Among these, the highest contribution value is a search to find a piece of ancient celestial debris, even the smallest piece has a billion contributions!
Further, among the rewards offered by the hostile sects of Yunxiao Sect and the hostile practitioners, the highest reward is the contribution of the patriarch of the Heaven Sect, which is as high as 3 billion, and each of the elders of Xiandao has the lowest contribution of 500 million. However, these are all Xiandao realms. Even though Guqing’s star field is extremely strong at the moment, it is a narrow escape if he wants to hit these people. Eventually, his eyes will continue to move and lock in those practitioners who offer rewards for Shinto Shinto realm.
Shinto and Shinto are two rival sects with completely different levels. Even the most powerful Shinto nine-fold masters have a reward contribution of only 10 million, which is even less than 10 million Shinto, and Shinto seven-fold is naturally lower.
In addition to offering a reward, you can also pay artifacts and fairy wares in exchange for the contribution value. A fairy utensil with the worst quality can be exchanged for a contribution value of 100 million, and a Chinese fairy utensil can get a huge contribution value!