"Dong Weng is your granddaughter’s husband." Two people have been the chief of staff for many years, and they are also very casual.

"Cheng Jinzhou? Have you booked a date? If Qing Shuang hadn’t been begging me all the time, I wouldn’t have to come out and see him make a bunch of things and run amok with a little ability. Can’t Daxia really stop him? " Master Liu said with crutches.
"It seems that I can’t control it." Nan Huo shook his head and gave him the reply. "Look at it."
Mr. Liu’s eyes are not good. He read slowly, "I’m a little busy. I’ll talk to you another day!"
At that time, he was really speechless.
Chapter one hundred and seventy-four Teeth chattering
Hou Wenwu looked down at his feet and crossed this invisible line to reach the peripheral peninsula, right?
There are four astrologer apprentices on the road twice, and a first-class astrologer is stationed nearby all the year round.
Look at the other side of the line. Three or four knights and seven soldiers form a neat team, but there is no momentum.
Few people can have momentum in front of astrologers.
Hou Wenwu walked past with his head held high and sat down in the carriage again-everyone in the outer peninsula except the astrologer must enter the carriage with the exception.
Since this rule was made, the emperors and politicians in the Summer Palace have never been to the outer peninsula.
Hou Wenwu turned around and looked at the apprentice of Pride Star Warlock and looked at the tower mouth of towering Star Warlock in front of him. How long can you sleep soundly when you gently read the couch?
Although he is confident, Hou Wenwu’s heart is actually pounding.
The staff advised him not to come to the outer peninsula, but how can the figurines who are watching the situation and events hide? Hou Wenwu doesn’t want to let the front pave the way for waves, and he doesn’t want to stay in the snow and ice for four years and then transfer out flat.
What a realistic man Emperor Lizong is. Hou Wenwu has a better understanding than his staff. He still dares to fight against senior officials and astrologers in the government hall. Young people are emperors who need to be timid and hide. There are too many inspectors in the court.
One minute, two minutes and three minutes …
Walking smoothly along the main road of the outer peninsula, I saw many astrologer apprentices passing by the roadside, and Hou Wenwu’s spirit finally relaxed
A young man with a Lord’s badge came to him, clutching his horse’s belly. "I don’t see a large group of people around, so we should settle down, right?"
Responsible for Ann is Hou Wenwu’s younger brother. The title of Lu family in Lv Bo capital is so shady that it is actually a real body guard mixed with a deputy commander to make the title a real level 1 official as good as his brother-in-law
Cheng Jinzhou is like the child who attracted Galileo’s attention, which brought opportunities for the development of telescopes or microscopes, and there is also a message that Cheng Jinzhou has always shown his difference.
While waiting, Cao Feng asked, "Have you been studying optics recently?"
He took it for granted that he would attribute Puller’s Refractive Optics to Cheng Jinzhou.
Leijiacha etc students shrugged and laughed "mainly"
From the astrologer’s point of view, his mathematical development is progressing very well, and he has been delayed by various things to publish reports on his achievements intermittently. Instead, he said that he has been conducting research and original work.
A report on the results every three months is neither too fast nor surprising.
In fact, if he really produces a report on his achievements every two weeks, that would be frightening.
Astrologers won’t mind him stealing some warehouse materials, but it’s not surprising that if anyone suspects that he has got any shocking mathematical knowledge, it will really set off a bloody storm like a Jianghu secret.
Cao Feng looked at a head lower than himself. Cheng Jinzhou unconsciously shook his head and said, "Your contribution has increased rapidly. I saw three or four articles in the first issue of Xia Jing Xue Bao because you interfered with everyone’s discussion of light waves."