Hey? What position?

Ai Xinluo Yonghao’s voice just fell when a murderous woman flew over and fell on the back road of Yan Hong Hongji.
A prune pointed to the gate "Go in"
Yan Hong Hongji swallowed saliva, which was strong and similar.
Is it also a fix true person?
At this time, Yan Hong Hongji completely gave up the road of escape, and he chose another way to survive.
He obediently followed him in and asked, "Who the hell is Hao Gebi?"
Ai Xinluo Yonghao proudly said, "Who else in Putian can be called?"
"The emperor? Emperor Da Yue! " Yan Hong Hung-chien gasped, looked at Ai Xinluo Yonghao’s flattery and looked at the powerful woman behind him. He knew what to do.
Compared with Yeludan and Ai Xin Luo Ke Yan Hong Ji, he was very cooperative, so he was taken into the grassland bag and personally received by Huluotun Sakura.
Seeing the handsome young man sitting in the middle of the room, Yan Hong Hongji is directly a slippery kneeling. "Li Hongji, a grass man, has seen my emperor, long live, long live!"
Li Hongji? Why don’t you just call it Li Zicheng? That name sounds very anti-bone.
"No, why are you Li Hongji? You should be Yan Hong Hongji." Hu Lu asked after thinking about his life.
After paying homage to Yan Hong-ji, Yan Hong-ji said, "The right-wing man married Yan Hong’s family with his mother when she was in the belly. The right-wing man is not the mother of Yan Hong’s family, but the father of the Central Plains, whose surname is Li Chen. It is the blood of the Central Plains people who feel cordial and decided to change his surname."
The first trick is to change the national attribute and increase the sense of closeness. I am one of our own!
Ai Xinluo Yonghao is so stunned that you are so small. But at this time, he is somewhat envious of Yan Hong Hongji’s life experience.
I heard that my mother had been sent by my father to serve the Grand Duke of Yue. I don’t know if I am also bleeding from the Central Plains.
However, Hu Lu was noncommittal about his deliberate flattery. "Since the northern Xinjiang joined the grassland ten years ago, all the people have been my people. Whether you are surnamed Yan Hong or Li, you must remember this. It is not feasible to split the nation."
"Ah, yes, yes, yes." Wan Yan Hongji sweated and then knelt down. "The grass people are guilty!"
"Sin? Those words just now are nothing. "
"Not that." Wan Yan Hongji took out a cloth bag from his clothes. "The right-hander once heard that the search for immortality made him have some fairy fate, but he didn’t report it to you when he was ashamed. Now he is deeply sorry to see the right-hander and is willing to give him all the fairy fate he got before!"
The second trick is to exchange your most precious things for a life, so that you can stay green and not be afraid of burning firewood. This is a sentence he learned when he studied the knowledge of the Central Plains. Anyway, he copied all the methods.
Otun Sakura looked at Hu Lu, which seemed to be different from their plan.
I thought it was the grassland fools who rashly gained extraordinary strength. They must be as little as the former Yelvdan. They should be able to provoke him casually and kill him directly then.
But Yan Hong Hongji didn’t seem to give them a chance to shoot. He just handed over the bag he had got, except that he ate the contents of Dan Yao before, and he kept it private.
Ai Xin Luo Yong Hao looked at the bag. Is this the fairy fate? Well, it seems that there is also a fairy fate to love Silla Shell. Fortunately, he died long ago. Otherwise, it’s hard to say who a tribal leader will fall in love with.
However, Hu Lu was not in a hurry to ask Sakura to bring this little thing. It was interesting. He gently asked, "Why should I keep all these things for myself? This is what you found. You can keep it for yourself without killing you."
Are you sure you don’t want to kill me? I believe you, ghost!
Yan Hong Hongji laughed. "Although the right-hander grew up in grasslands, he was influenced by his mother. It is my lifelong pursuit to love the Central Plains culture and become a great Yue man. There is no hope. It is the soldiers who led the northern Xinjiang to become a part of Da Yue. The right-hander is grateful to you, just like that. It is always unclear that there is no way to offer these treasures to express the right-hander’s feelings. Please accept them!"
Hu Lu nodded to Sakura, and Sakura took the bag in the past.
Hu Lu thought that Cai Xin also had a bag, even if it was a gift for her to enter the gas refining period.
"Hung Kai, get up." Hu Lu was kind when he spoke, so he didn’t give gifts.
Yan Hong Hongji was crossed and felt that he was stable this time.
"I have to give you something if I accept your fairy fate. Do you want anything?" Hu Lu asked.
The third trick is not greedy for merit or vanity, and never be embarrassed in front of the strong.
"What else do I need? You can let me see you and enjoy the mighty bath of the emperor. This is the greatest blessing of the right people in this life!" Yan Hong Hongji sincerely said, "When the right-hander is 100 years old, he can proudly tell his great-grandson that I have seen Emperor Da Yue, the greatest emperor in history who still sits on the throne and will be emperor for thousands of years!"
Ai Xinluo Yonghao can’t stand Nima’s Yan Hong Hongji. There are indeed some Central Plains genes that flatter him. I really can’t catch him.
Hu Lu is shine at the moment, this kind feeling, this flattering comfort makes Hu Lu can’t help but think that there is no spirit root Kun Aiqing.
It’s a pity that you should wait for loneliness when Aiqing goes to court a hundred years later.
In front of this young man, Hu Lu seemed to see Kun more than ten years ago, when Kun Kun was still very crude and blushed when kissing up, but in front of this 17-year-old, he was so shameless that he could still look as usual.
Wizards, wizards!
"So," Hu Lu thought, "Since you love Central Plains culture so much, there are also Central Plains people’s blood flowing in your body, you might as well really take a walk in Central Plains. I will give you an imperial edict. After this, you can go to Beijing to study in two top universities, Yuejingyuan and Royal Academy. You can choose Guodong Cheng Liangcai at an early date."
What, let yourself go to Beijing? This is house arrest in disguise!
Sure enough, even if the emperor let go of the fairy fate himself, he still didn’t trust himself to put his eyelids down, and I’m afraid he wouldn’t be free after he went.
Can you say no yourself? You’ve finally saved your life. Do you have to disobey the emperor and die?
Compared with life, freedom is nothing!
Wait a minute. Suddenly, Yan Hong Hongji thought of one thing. It’s not just himself who got the fairy tale.
"I have one more thing to say."
"You said"
"I’m afraid I’ll be lonely when I go to Beijing alone, so I’d better let my two good brothers Yeludan and Aixinluoke go with me, and they also have a fairy fate. I think they are sure to be willing to dedicate them to the most respectable people in such a day." He mainly wants to know what happened to these two people.
"With such a good thing, I can still think of brothers. I really didn’t see the wrong person, but your two brothers are dead."
Yan Hong Hongji’s heart thumped-he thought he should guess how those two guys died. What’s wrong with letting you be so overbearing and steady like me at ordinary times ~
Chapter 154 Shuanglong Valley Here we come!
"Why didn’t you respond when they died?" Hu Lu asked him with a smile
It’s hard for Yan Hong Hongji to keep his head down. This is a proposition. If I don’t respond, it’s not brotherly. If I react violently, it’s that it’s not a good bird to be with them.
Think for a moment and Yan Hong Hung-chien lamented, "It’s hard for them to die, but it’s hard to think that once they die, their fate will fall to the pursuit hands. As a result, the pursuit people sincerely care for their hearts, and they don’t know what to do."
Hu Lu and Sakura looked at each other. This little guy is a real fucking talent!
Hu Lu told him not to bite a right person. "After that, you will go to Beijing to study. It can be called a student for me."