"I want to ask who else besides the two of us."

Hu Lu "There is also Sakura and her new plum-cutting. Before the plum-cutting, it was the Lily Sect of Xiuzhen Sect, but now it is Sakura."
What Lily Sect? !
Jin Yuzhu’s heart thumped, and today she saw the woman with loose hair? Then she should also know Chu Xu, right? Then doesn’t she know that it’s not true? Did she tell Otun Sakura? Did you tell the emperor?
As soon as Jin Yuzhu appeared so many old problems, she lost the fun of her upcoming trip.
Hu Lu added, "There should still be Yunqing, and there must always be someone to serve us."
White is not working. Listen carefully. She is more at ease when she hears that there is a cloud light. Her husband’s trip can be a worry. It’s a fairy. What is the handmaiden doing now? It’s really strange (bian) strange (ai) ~
In the middle of the night, Mr. Otun Sakura and Mr. Yi Jianmei have arrived at the Forgotten Mountain outside Sanlitun, a suburb of Beijing. According to Hu Lu, Fan Zhongpei is temporarily hiding in a natural cave in the mountain, and he has also suffered some minor injuries and is recuperating.
A plum-cutting analysis said, "The nine-story master of refining gas must be very defensive. Maybe there is an imperceptible warning device on the periphery of his hiding place. If he has a flying implement, it will be difficult for us to chase him again."
Otun Sakura has a well-thought-out plan. "Brother Lu said that we have been to that cave, except for the spacious entrance to the cave, and there is only a narrow exit in the back hill. I think the target should be very clear."
Then she simply drew a topographic map. "So you put me at the exit of Houshan and put an invisibility symbol on me. I’ll stay there and wait to hit him, and you go in from the entrance with great fanfare to let him escape from the exit of Houshan."
After listening to Mei Jian, she praised, "The master is worthy of being a general of Yue Dynasty!"
Otun Sakura was photographed by her. I’m sorry. Actually, her battlefield is mainly to take the lead and kill the generals. Although she knows the strategy, she doesn’t know much. She dare not easily guess because she is too simple.
"Well, don’t say more about action!"
As soon as I cut the plum, I put Otun Sakura at the exit of Houshan and explained a few words. Then she flew to the entrance of the cave.
Sure enough, when she approached the cave, a cross-legged meditation in the cave suddenly opened her eyes.
Now he’s so frightened that he can’t stand the slightest fright and dare not be hard with others.
Although his nine-story gas refining is close to the peak, it is already very strong to fix the true boundary, but the Qingyuan Sect, after all, is outnumbered and the old hag is so powerful that she has to be meticulous.
He packed his things and ran away from the back without meeting anyone.
When a prune came in, I found traces of people, but they were gone.
She was worried that her master was busy chasing after her.
However, if the hole is narrow, should the opponent’s flying device be put to good use?
However, when she felt that she was about to chase, there was a fork in the road.
This is not difficult for her because the master said to walk out!
However, walking in front of the road actually collapsed. It must be Fan Zhongpei!
He felt that the people behind him were chasing hard and the fork in the road was not wrong, so he interrupted a large stone and temporarily blocked the road.
When Mei Jian was busy cleaning up the stone, she became invisible. At the exit of Aotun Sakura Cave, two long legs jumped with a word, and the horse topped the stone walls on both sides of the exit. At the same time, she clenched her two love sticks facing the cave hand and made preparations for swinging the stick.
First, she heard a bang and guessed that it should be a cut plum and played against each other.
But she didn’t move. She was very patient. She was not tired at all when she poked her legs straight on both sides.
However, the other party didn’t keep her waiting, and soon she heard a hurried pace.
Although the cave is dark, it should be a man’s footsteps.
It’s closer! It’s closer!
The other party ran in a hurry and ran faster and faster, obviously without finding themselves.
Ten meters!
Five meters!
Three meters!
One meter!
It has been kept still, and Otun Sakura has waved his hand with great force!
One end of the love stick was in close contact with Fan Zhongpei’s fat face, and the pig’s fat face was deformed at that moment.
When Aotun Sakura Tiger Mouth was shaken, the stone walls on both sides were cracked and the other side flew ten meters away!
"Tonight is ready!"
Chapter 12 Kowloon coffin harvest!
Sakura’s feet fell to the ground and dumped her arms, carrying two love sticks and preparing to mend the knife.
She was careful when she first got closer to some fat ones.
Fan Zhongpei slammed the ground and the ground immediately turned into neat and smooth ice, which made it difficult to stand.
Otun Sakura ha ha smiled and knocked on a shoe. The flat shoes immediately turned into spikes and walked on the ice. Then she slammed the stick again.
This time, Fan Zhongpei was not hit. Although his head was seriously injured, his head broke out with great potential. He reacted quickly and rolled away, and immediately threw out a piece of paper.
"Bang!" In the paper, the fire was exploding, and the heat wave hit Sakura’s skin, which made her gradually show her figure.