With a wave of his hand, Lin Ying flew out of Mao Xiong’s body and fell into his hand.

It was only when everyone saw that it was a black beetle.
This is a corpse worm. It killed the bear.
It entered the body of the bear through the wound, and then all the way into his brain and swallowed his virus.
The bear was killed by it.
Wanda captain and others saw the corpse worms all stepped back a few steps.
They can kill bears in vain. It shouldn’t be that simple.
At this time, two outermost awakened people secretly moved back to escape.
They stooped and moved out secretly under the cover of the crowd.
Lin Ying eyebrows a Yang hand resin worm turned into a black shadow and then flew to the two people.
When they saw Lin Ying’s hand, the corpse worm disappeared and immediately stirred up. They all looked around warily looking for the corpse worm, always fearing that it would fly to themselves.
While these people were looking for the corpse worm, the two awakened people who bent down and ran away suddenly fell to the ground, and then their bodies instantly turned blue and purple.
Then two people died.
Two people died and made a noise, which shocked others. Everyone looked towards the sound source and found death. They suddenly became a little scared.
"Kill the worm and kill the man" someone shouted in horror.
Lin Ying shook her head and said, "I’m not afraid to ask you not to do excessive things. I won’t kill you. It’s those who have malicious intentions."
Captain Wanda bit his teeth and took a step forward, then said to Lin Ying, "We are willing to keep our promise. You save our life and we will be your coolies."
With that, Captain Wanda bent down and bowed.
Although others are unwilling to see it, they all bend over to Lin Ying and say, "We will keep our promise and be your coolie."
Looking at the sight of more than ten people bent over, Lin Ying smiled and then walked over. None of them patted their shoulders and injected their vitality into their lives.
"Well, after you have been controlled by me, you are my coolie. If you don’t run away and do things that harm me, then my control will not hinder you.
If you do these two things, you should be careful.
Because that will trigger me to keep your body control and trigger the controller to have a dead end. "
Lin Ying made the situation very serious and frightened someone in the place.
Many of these people have a lovely expression and feel that their lives are over.
Lin Ying didn’t pay attention to their expressions and reactions, but ordered them to "clean the battlefield, search for materials and mend all the bodies to prevent them from becoming zombies."
Captain Wanda and others heard Lin Ying’s words and paused for a moment, and then they scattered to execute Lin Ying’s orders.
Many people were killed by Mao Xiong before they came to finish their bullets. Their weapons and ammunition were gathered together in a big pile.
Captain Wang, they just ran out of bullets and found these weapons and ammunition, which well supplemented their consumption.
The dead man still had a sleeve, and all the things he lacked were collected and distributed to Captain Wang and more than ten of them.
Captain Wanda and others got a lot of excitement when they got weapons, ammunition and materials, and then they worked hard to repair the knife.
Mao Xiong killed nearly a thousand people in the Southwest Joint Brigade, and more than 500 people were able to keep the bodies.
The main object of mending the knife by Captain Wang and others is to keep the whole body.
More than 500 bodies are still fortunate to mend their knives.
These people were familiar with them before their lives, and they all did things together, ate and drank wine together. Although they have now become corpses, it is still quite frightening for them to mend their knives.
However, Captain Wanda still crustily skin of head made up all of them for their lives, cutting off the possibility of them becoming zombies.
After mending the knife, Lin Ying asked Captain Wang to find a truck that can still move, load it in ministry of materials and equipment and drive in the direction of the town.
Now Wanda captain, these people have been controlled by Lin Ying, and Lin Ying doesn’t mind taking them back to town.
But Lin Ying frowned before they reached the town.
Roy and those mercenaries are actually moving in the direction of the town.
According to their speed, they will reach the town in two hours at most.
Although there are many people in the town, they all lack weapons and ammunition and their combat effectiveness is very low.